Brian has published in academic journals including Textual Practice, The Capilano Review, and The Red Critique. 

For nearly twenty years, Brian has taught a variety of writing courses in U.S. and Canadian Universities. At Capilano University he currently teaches required first-year writing courses (“University Writing Strategies”), with an emphasis on writing in the Digital Humanities, using the tools and technologies for as well. IN 2017 he was an editor at large for the ..  He also has been one of Departments’ lead instructors in the Department’s preparatory writing and EAP (English for Academic Purposes) courses. He is certified as a TSEOL .

Brian is in advocate for student writing and publication. He was a co-founder of Capilano University’s only journal of cinema criticism, The Parallax. He teaches advanced writing courses at Capilano University including ENGL 300, which he runs as a “Digital Writing Studio” for . Students publish interactive “born digital” (to use the term of N. Catherine Hayles) on the emerging format Scalar. The class also works with the Wiki Edu initiative to

He has worked professionally as a editor for long-form research projects in the natural sciences and also for dissertations in the interdisciplinary social sciences (see here, for example). Brian also a scriptwriter for Metropole.

Some recent publications include:



Nettie Wild,

David Rimmer,